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One time-consuming mistake after another until I accidentally get it right...


I am a 33 year-old father of two in NYC that recently decided to go back to school full-time to fulfill a life-long dream of becoming a chef, which is as insane as it sounds. It's also partly as generic and lame as every family sit-com ever makes it out to be. So despite Full House's, the Cosby Show's and Steve Martin's movies (lately) insistence on mediocracy, I've decided to keep a tiny slice of myself and listen to current music, eat at decent restaurants and make better foods than the ones being cooked by insipidly generic "chef/cooks" on the Food Network with their 2 or 3 BMW's in the background (or a cool hot rod to go along with those neat-o bleached blond spikes...).

And if I am making the same foods, then I at least hope that I'm not embarrassing myself as much as the "Food" Network is by insisting that all food should be "fun, super easy, and done in 30 minutes or less."

This blog is my defiant exploration of the Food World despite society's demands that I cook boneless, skinless chicken breast every night of the week at home, start wearing comfortable sweaters from J. Crew and listening to top 40 hits, or worse, Sting.

So call me what you will: "Brooklyn Dad", "Foodie", "music snob", "pleasantly plump." I don't mind, just don't call me a republican, and never, ever call me a dallas cowboy fan...


cooking, good music, eating, drinking, funny things, and an obsessive love of the washington redskins... and i'm sure some feelings will be hurt if i don't mention my family so; my family...